Round-About® Bale Wrapper - Unverferth Hay Handling

The Round-About® bale wrapper provides quick, economical wrapping of hay bales for conserving moisture and valuable nutrients. All operations are performed from the left-hand side and wraps bales in two to three minutes. Can be used to wrap, transport and feed bales.


  • Heavy-duty 18.7 cu. in motor with 3,000 psi rating
  • Works with open- and closed-center hydraulic systems
  • Special-alloy, stress-proof steel spear easily pierces the densest bales
  • Gripper spears are adjustable for a variety of bale sizes and densities
  • Heavy-duty main frame easily mounts to a variety of three-point hitches
  • Design of plastic holder permits operator to wrap around ends of bales for haylage applications
  • Accommodates up to 30" wide plastic wrap