Freedom 3pt. Implements Unverferth Farm Equipment

Freedom three point implements from Unverferth feature a 6' land leveler and soil ripper to tackle everyday tasks around the farm, house and a variety of other applications.

Land Leveler

Smooth, pulverize and level the soil surface

Land Leveler 3pt. Implements

The Freedom Land Leveler from Unverferth will smooth, pulverize and level the soil surface to create the most receptive seedbed possible. The land leveler also works well to groom driveways, pathways and athletic fields.

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Soil Ripper

Breaks up tightly compacted soil

Soil Ripper 3pt. Implements

The Freedom Soil Ripper from Unverferth breaks up tightly compacted soil to allow better drainage and plant roots to move freely into the subsoil for enhanced growth. The special-alloy steel " thick shank works up to 18" deep to break up the soil.

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