Seedbed Tillage Unverferth Farm Equipment

When it comes to preparing an ideal seedbed, Unverferth offers a complete line of equipment to meet your operation's needs. The Rolling Harrow soil conditioner can help prepare a one-pass seedbed behind your vertical tillage tool or disk. The Perfecta field cultivator can level, till and condition in a single pass. The Ripper-Stripper and Ripper-Bedder in-line ripper tillage tools help alleviate compaction while preparing the ideal seedbed. Be ready for the planting season with the Unverferth lineup of seedbed tillage equipment.

Rolling Harrow

Decades of research and development and an innovative design

Rolling Harrow Seedbed Tillage

Some tillage practices come and go through the years, but the Unverferth Rolling Harrow soil conditioner has been a staple in the field for more than 40 years! With decades of research and development and an innovative design, the Rolling Harrow has become the perfect partner for your field cultivator, high-speed tillage tool or disc to prepare a one-pass seedbed.

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Perfecta Field Cultivators

Save time, fuel and money by tilling, leveling and finishing in a single pass

Perfecta Field Cultivators Seedbed Tillage

You'll build the perfect seedbed with the Unverferth Perfecta field cultivator! Save time, fuel and money by tilling, leveling and finishing in a single pass. The Perfecta field cultivator is ideal for row-crop, orchard, vineyard and arena grooming and a multitude of other tillage applications.

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Ripper-Stripper Seedbed Tillage

The Unverferth Ripper-Stripper strip-till tillage tool features a wide variety of lead coulter options, including a cover-crop roller, followed by a deep-till shank with shark-fin points for easier pulling and extended life. Finally, choose from the widest variety of tillage attachments to complete the one-trip strip-till pass.

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Deep till and create perfectly shaped beds in a single pass

Ripper-Bedder Seedbed Tillage

Fight compaction and create an ideal seedbed for peanuts, cotton and other bedded crops with the Unverferth Ripper-Bedder subsoiler. You'll save time and fuel by deep tilling and creating perfectly shaped beds in a single pass. The Ripper-Bedder is available in 4-, 6- or 8-shank models with many bed-shaping options to choose from.

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