Wheel Hub Extensions Unverferth Wheel Products

Regardless of your crop tillage practices, look to Unverferth for the extensions you need to center your wheels down the middle of the row. From dual and triple axle spacers, to MFWD hub extensions, your Unverferth dealer can put you and your wheels on track. Standard extensions for spacing dual wheels further apart or adding triples are available in 5-, 8- 10-, 13-, 15- 19.5- 21 and 29.5-inch lengths for keeping your wheels running down the rows.  A wide variety of other wheel extensions are also available to space out M.F.W.D. fronts, self-propelled sprayers and a variety of popular tractor makes and models.  Custom-built extensions can be designed and manufactured in lengths from 4-inches to 40-inches with a wide variety of bolt patterns. 


    • Dual and triple spool-type extensions are constructed of cast ductile iron for greater durablility and longevity
    • Standard bolt pattern, 9- and 10-hole extensions are available for dual and triple wheel applications in 5", 8", 10", 13", 15", 18", 21" and 24" lengths
    • Go wider and turn tighter with MFWD front hub extensions that provide single wheel spacing of your tractor to straddle 4 - 30" rows
    • Custom-built extensions are available to meet most every other wheel spacing need. They can be manufactured as small as 8-hole and 2" wide, up to 12-hole and 29" wide to fit tractors, harvesting equipment and other implements with larger wheels
    • Powder-coat finish in black or yellow enhances corrosion resistance and keeps them looking looking their best