Harvesting Equipment Unverferth Wheel Products

When it comes to needing added flotation, greater stability, or matching your harvesting equipment to crop spacings, Unverferth is the source to meet those needs. Many standard dual wheel packages are available for current combine and cotton picker models, or we can manufacture a multitude of wheels for any of your harvest equipment.

Replacement, high-flotation single wheels are also available in 26" and 32" diameters, along with custom-built options.


    • Deep-formed dual wheels offer an original-equipment look and match 30" row spacings
    • Expanded-band style duals can provide additional row-spacing flexibility depending on your combine model
    • For cotton pickers and strippers, extensions in lengths from 10" to 27" are available to mate 10-hole Unverferth duals up to the 10- or 20- bolt axle
    • Custom-built wheels are available to match the rear wheels to the spacings of the front and to provide added flotation and stability
    • T-Rail dual wheels can also be added to front or rear wheels for easy-on, easy-off use