Rear & 4-WD T-Rail Open-Center Duals Unverferth Wheel Products

The T-Rail® system is more than just a quick conversion to the added power and efficiency of dual wheels. It also gives you the strength, durability and precise alignment of semi-permanent duals, even on the biggest equipment. The key is the clamp and rail assemblies which hold the dual in place for optimum performance.


    • T-Rail system provides easy on and easy off attachment
    • Rail is continuously welded to the the dual wheel rim, so it's essentially a part of the rim itself.
    • Choose from easy-on, easy-off snap-on clamp style, or more semi-permanent economy style that bolt on
    • T-shaped clamps are manufactured from ductile iron for long life and durability
    • The outer dual is attached to the inner wheel using hooks attached to eyes that replace the tractor's wheel nuts/bolts
    • Easily add duals to your power-adjust wheels with power-shift eyes
    • The band tightly grips the inner wheel for a non-slip fit
    • Bands are available in a variety of widths to spread your wheels across the rows
    • Dual sets are available for wheel diameters of 20" all the way up to 54" diameter
    • Standard T-Rail duals are powder coated in a neutral silver-mist color, or can be special ordered to match your tractor's inner wheels
    • Direct-Axle duals for tractors are also available