Flotation Wheels Unverferth Wheel Products

There's no better way to get across wet fields faster or easier than with Unverferth flotation wheels. From agricultural spreaders and sprayers, to combines, tractors and off-highway trucks, your Unverferth dealer can help you float over the field. 20- 25-, and 32-inch diameter Terra rims or complete wheels are available in hub-piloted or budd-style designs.  Budd-style 10-bolt dual sets are also available for a variety of 22.5-inch diameter tires.


    • Demountable rims for cast-spoke centers
    • Stud-piloted, budd-style plate wheels for Terra and other brand tires
    • One- and three-piece blank rims for Terra and other flotation tires
    • Super-single duplex wheel dual sets for agricultural wheels
    • A wide variety of replacement parts, including beveled mounting rings, lock rings and o-rings are available
    • Standard wheels are powder-coated white for a long-lasting finish
    • Custom-built flotation wheels can be powder coated to match most many common implement colors