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Raptor Strip-Tillage Tool Models 2030 & 2015 ST • DT • LT • MT

Raptor Strip-Tillage Tool
The Unverferth Raptor™ strip-tillage tool is the first all-in-one solution for strip-tillage and fertilizer application integrated together and produced by one manufacturer. This ground breaking tool was built for growers looking to take advantage of the cost-savings and yield benefits strip-tillage can provide. The Raptor tillage tool features a unique toolbar fold design for a narrow transport width, innovative TerrainPro™ row unit for consistent tillage depth and dry or liquid fertilizer systems that can be easily integrated with the toolbar for an all-in-one solution. Raptor models 2030 and 2015 are available as a 16 or 12 row pull-type machine with dry, liquid or no fertilizer and also as a 3-point tool with 12, 8 or 6 rows with 30", 36" or 38" row spacing.

Cover Crop Seeder For Rolling Harrow Soil Conditioner

Cover Crop Seeder for Rolling Harrow
A revelation in cover crop seeding! The all-new Cover Crop Seeder option for the Rolling Harrow® soil conditioner allows you to plant cover crops faster and more effectively. Pull the Rolling Harrow Cover Crop Seeder behind your lead tillage tool or on its own for high-speed application that works the seed into the ground for enhanced seed-to-soil contact. For one-pass seeding, tilling and incorporating to get your crops off to a great start, rely on the Cover Crop Seeder option for the Rolling Harrow soil conditioner.

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