Unverferth Bulk Handling

Unverferth augers can be mounted to gravity boxes, drills, planters or trucks to increase the versatility and efficiency of your equipment.  Whether your handling feed, seed, fertilizer or other bulk commodity, there is sure to be an Unverferth auger to help you unload quickly and effortlessly.


    Whether you're handling feed, seed, fertilizer or other bulk commodities, whether for center-fill drills or planters, the Unverferth gravity box auger helps you unload quickly, effortlessly and precisely. It's a time- and labor-saving tool that makes the entire operation as efficient as can be.


    • Features 180° horizontal pivot and 90° vertical adjustment to let you unload exactly where you want, even in tight spaces
    • 12-inch diameter, deep-intake sump allows increased uptake of material and fast unloading
    • Top-mounted 6-cubic-inch hydraulic motor keeps components cleaner for longer life
    • Color-coded nylon cords permit easy on-off control
    • Winch includes safety latch for convenient, one-person operation
    • Winch on 16' model is equipped with an automatic brake for greater control
    • Hydraulic requirements of just 6-12 gallons per minute and 1,200 p.s.i.
    • Unload at up to 8 bushels per minute with brush-tip flighting and 10 bushels per minute or 900 pounds of bulk material per minute equipped with plastic or steel flighting
    • Adjustable hopper allows easy attachment to many makes and models of boxes
    • Easy-to operate, rubber-cushioned, flip-over transport bracket protects auger and provides faster, safer operation
    • Six-inch diameter auger is available in 16- or 14-lengths
    • Tube choices include either a heavy-duty ABS plastic, or rugged 16-gauge steel for long life
    • All metal parts are powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance


    • Flighting options include:
      • Brush-tip for fast, gentle seed unloading
      • Cupped 5" plastic flighting with stainless steel shaft for seed and fertilizer handling depending on tube
      • Heavy-duty cupped steel (steel tube) for general purpose handling
      • Stainless steel (plastic tube) for fertilizer handling
    • 5'6" Telescopic, 3-stage downspout extends reach up to 10'
    • 9' Telescopic, 2-stage downspout extends reach up to 14'9"
    • Electronic on/off control package for auger with telescopic downspout option
    • Box-mountable Power Pack hydraulic power unit for self-contained use
      • Produces 6.5 GPM flow at 2900 p.s.i. of hydraulic flow to easily power your auger
      • Gas engine with electric start and pull-start backup
      • 4.5 gallon reservoir with adjustable relief valve along with combination level indicator/temperature gauge
      • Reservoir features in-line return filter and intake strainer to keep hydraulic system clean
      • Available mounting bracket for universal mounting to gravity boxes
    • Your Unverferth dealer also offers a 16' box-mountable conveyor for the gentlest handling of seed

    Drill & Planter Fills

    Unverferth Drill and Planter Fills can fill most seedboxes in ten minutes or less so you spend more time planting and less time filling. It also eliminates the backbreaking chore of lugging heavy seed sacks up the stairs and on and off of the platform. All you have to do is load bag or bulk seed into the ground-level hopper and let the Drill or Planter Fill do the lifting.

    • Constructed of heavy-duty steel with a powder-coat finish for longer life
    • Available with choice of durable, cupped steel, plastic, or brush-tip flighting
    • 6-inch vertical-lift auger with downspout allow for easy, one-person filling
    • Store conveniently and securely across the back of the drill or planter for safe, compact transport
      • 18' models for JD 1790 and DB-Series Planters fold in half to maintain narrow transport width and safety
      • Drill Fills for 15- and 20-foot JD models 1590, 1560 and 750 are center-mounted to accommodate drill length and height
    • Powered by a rugged 6-cubic-inch hydraulic motor with a flow rate of 8-12 gpm
    • Dual on/off control levers on the auger for easy filling from the ground or drill platform
    • Equipped with a clean-out door for easy removal of leftover seed
    • Optional control valve package for adjustable hydraulic speeds
    • Add the optional single basket Rolling Harrow® soil conditioner which levels and firms the soil for improved seed-to-soil contact and enhanced germination

    Cross Auger

    Unverferth Cross Augers mean you'll spend more time planting and less time filling fertilizer boxes. Unverferth fertilizer cross augers are available for most popular makes and models of 6-, 8-, 12-, and 16-row planters. For 12- and 16-row 30-inch models, two separate cross augers that fill at the center of the planter are used.

    • The sturdy 6-inch ABS outer auger tube with molded plastic hopper, drops and doors provides years of dependable use
    • Steel mounting frame and 2" x 3" steel bracing keeps the auger rigid for longer life of all component parts
    • Powered by a reliable 6-cubic-inch hydraulic motor
    • On/Off control valve is conveniently positioned by the hopper for easy, one-person operation
    • Motor requires 8-12 gpm flow
    • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel flighting enhances durability and minimizes maintenance
    • Heavy-duty bearings for smooth movement of the fertilizer and superior flighting life
    • An optional speed control valve package is available

    Truck Mounted

    Speed up the handling of all your bulk materials by equipping your truck with the versatile truck unloading auger from Unverferth. It mounts easily on your truckbed gate and makes unloading of seed, feed and fertilizer virtually effortless.

    • Unload to the center or side of the truck with the telescopic downspout for added maneuverability
    • Extendible downspout from 9' to 14'9" and a 360-degree rotating elbow provide for a full 25-foot reach
    • Weather-resistant electronic switch at the end of the spout, combined with a metering door between the truck and hopper, put you in control of the flow rate
    • Constructed of heavy-duty, 10-guage steel for greater durability
    • Powered by 4-cubic-inch hydraulic motor that requires just 6 gallons per minute and 1,200 P.S.I. of pressure
    • Easily lowers into unloading position with the use of a winch and locks into position with tool-free over-center latch
    • Auger assembly easily folds into a compact transport position
    • Tool-free detachment from truck with the removal of two pins and the cable
    • All metal parts of auger are powder-coated for optimum corrosion resistance
    • Rubber hopper guard minimizes material bounce and spill
    • Choice of steel or brush-tip flighting
    • Discharge rate of 500 bu./hr. for grains and 900 lbs. /min for fertilizer based on 500 rpm auger speed