30-Series High-Capacity Grain Wagons

What's the definition of quality when it comes to grain wagons?  Try ours: Unverferth high-capacity grain wagons will still be making trips to town when the others aren’t good for much except temporary storage. Only Unverferth grain wagons are designed and built with the Innovative design and Quality manufacturing characteristics of durability, performance and convenience. Unverferth grain wagons are specifically designed to be pulled in tandem, fully loaded, and feature easy connections for convenient linking of units.

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Durable Construction

One-piece hopper construction and unitized sidewalls maximize capacity and strength while the high-gloss, baked-on finish of tractor red or green with all seams silicone sealed ensure a long-lasting finish.

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Models & Capacities

Models 730, 630 and 530 feature carrying capacities of 750, 625 and 550 bushels to meet your grain hauling operation’s desired size.

Inside Wagon Hopper


Steep-sloped sides with graphite-coated interior ensures quick unloading of the highest-moisture grain.

30-Series Front Viewing Ladder


Front mounted ladder allows the operator to quickly access the top of the hopper and the front and side viewing windows provide convenient load checking.

60" Unloading Door with Halogen Spotlight

Unloading Door

Extra-large 60" wide by 14” tall unloading door with halogen spotlight permits quick unloading, day or night.  The metering door in the center of the main unloading door makes it easy to take grain samples for moisture and quality testing.

Innovative latch design on the unloading chute holds it tight during transport for reduced stress and a quieter ride.

The unloading door’s wheel-operated rack-and-pinion mechanism with a gear reduction allows for easy opening, even when the hopper is full of grain.

The unloading chute is height-adjustable from 15" to 18" and features a center deflector for conveinent pit dumping.


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Chassis Design

Patented Ultrasteer chassis permits the tightest turns, yet allows 42" of runner spacing for greater stability.  Models 730 and 630 feature 10-bolt hubs while model 530 features 8-bolt hubs for long-term, trouble-free use.

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The spring-torsion front suspension provides a smoother ride that is more stable over uneven terrain.

The exclusive load-equalizing rear torsion axle keeps the hopper level while the undercarriage follows contours in the field or road.

Retractable Tongue


The tongue on the 30-Series Unverferth grain wagons features a spring lift-assist and telescoping clevis design for easy, one-person hookup.

Drum Brakes

Transport Safety

Hydraulic surge-actuated drum brakes are standard on all models; rear wheel on model 530 and four-wheel on models 630 and 730.  Brakes automatically disengage when backing up for enhanced productivity.

SMV, reflective striping and D.O.T.-approved flashing amber and red L.E.D. taillights are standard for safer road and field use.  The capacity-rated transport chain with an integrated chain anchor on the tongue is standard equipment.

Grain Wagon Wheels and Tires

Wheels & Tires

Choose from a variety of new or used truck tires mounted on 22.5 diameter wheels.

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Towing in Tandem

A rear-mounted hitch, electrical outlet and chain attachment allow for easily connecting two grain wagons for maximum grain hauling capacity.


Wagon Fender Package


If hauling down gravel roads or in muddy fields, the optional fender kit keeps your Unverferth grain wagon looking its best for years to come and features side marker lights for greater visibility.

Optional Weather Guard Roll Over Tarp Package


For protecting wagon contents in the field and over the road, the Weather Guard roll over tarp fits the bill and features a semi-trailer type locking mechanism to withstand extreme wind and an 18 oz. canvas to keep the contents dry.  All holes are pre-located for easier customer installation.


Model 730* 630* 530

* Please check local weight and towing regulations when pulling the 730 or 630 individually or in tandem.

** Capacities measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture (56 lb. test weight)

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

Capacity (bushels)** 750 625 550
Length 17'7" 16' 9" 15' 7"
Width 9'6" 9' 9'
Height 10'8" 10'4" 10'
Front/Rear Slope 36° 37° 40°
Back Slope 32° 32° 32°
Door Width 60" 60" 60"
Chute Height 15" to 18" 15" to 18" 15" to 18"
Unloading Time 110 sec. 90 sec. 80 sec.
Spindle Size 3.5" 3.5" 3.25"
Hub Size 10-Bolt/11.25" BC 10-Bolt/11.25" BC 8-bolt/8" BC
Wheel Size 13x22.5 13 x 22.5 13.5 x 22.5
Wheel Base 12'1" 11' 5" 10' 5"
Track Width 7'5" 7' 5" 7' 1"
Overall Tire Width 8'8" 8'8" 8'6"
Turning Radius 8' 6' 6'
Approx. Weight (lbs.) 7,180 6,760 5,700