Ripper-Bedder Deep-Till Bedding Tool

The Unverferth Ripper-Bedder uses deep till shanks and offset discs to create an ideal seedbed for peanuts, cotton and other bedded crops.  The Ripper-Bedder is available in 6-shank models with a rigid frame, 8-shank models with a rigid or folding frame and 12-shank models with a folding frame.  The special alloy, deep-till shank features a shark-fin point with a patented shark-fin wear bar that breaks up compaction in the root zone with minimal soil disturbance.  The design of the Ripper-Bedder will help operators save time and money by ripping and creating their seedbed all in one pass.

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One Pass, Deep Tillage

The Unverferth Ripper-Bedder allows the operator to save time and money by ripping and creating their seedbed all in one pass while in the field.  Choose different accessories to customize and meet their individual needs.


The Ripper-Bedder is available in 6-shank models with a rigid frame, 8-shank models with a rigid or folding frame and 12-shank models with a folding frame.  Depending on the number of shanks, 30”, 36”, 38” and 40” row-spacings are available. 

Model 432 features an auto-reset trip design with a heavy-duty pull arm that can trip upward and rearward to avoid obstacles and quickly resets without the need for shear-bolt replacement.  The trip pressure for Model 432 is 6,000 lbs. for consistent working depth.

Ripper Bedder Construction


The heavy-duty, double frame with a 6” x 6” rear mounting bar provides years of maximum durability when traveling in and out of the field.  The frame is powder-coated in your choice of tractor red or green in all sizes for a long-lasting finish.

Transport lighting and reflective markings are standard on all Ripper-Bedder models for safer road travel.

3-Point Hitch

Depending on frame size and type (rigid or folding) the 3-point hitch works with a variety of tractor 3-point Category 2/3/3N/4/4N standard and quick hitches.

Stabilizer Wheels

Stabilizer wheels provide added stability and tool-free adjustment for quick and convenient depth adjustment in the field.  Rigid models utilize 7.60L x 15 8-ply tires, folding models utilize 9.5L x 15 8-ply tires on the base and wings up to 12 rows, 30” spacing, while models that are 12 rows 36”, 38” and 40” spacing utilize 12.5L x 15 10-ply tires.


Lead Coulter

The lead coulter features a swivel design for 10 degrees of side-to-side movement to follow ground contours and changing terrain.  The 20” blade with 13 waves cut residue with 1,500 lbs. of down force.

6-bolt greaseable hubs with 5 layers of seal protection help ensure long-term, trouble-free use along with patented formed cast mounting clamps ensure that the lead Coulter stays straight in the field.


Shank Design

Shanks on all models feature special-alloy, steep-sloped ¾” shanks that loosen compaction up to 18” deep for shattering hardpan.  The recommended pulling requirements are 20-40 HP per shank depending on soil type.

Shank Features

1 ¼” wide patented shark-fin wear bars extend the shank life and minimize resistance for easier pulling.  Replaceable raised-center shark-fin points break hardpan with minimal surface soil disturbance and greater durability.­

Bedding Attachments

Ripper Bedder Disc Gang Position

Disc Gang

Bedding disc gangs are fitted with 18” inner- and 20” outer-concave disc blades that can be positioned at 4 different angles, 7°, 13°, 19° and 24°, to meet individual needs. 

Gang positioning can be staggered for rounded beds to capture and retain more moisture or opposed to a taller peaked bed.  They can also be mounted offset, or in-line (back-to-back) for a cleaner furrow in the ground.

Disc gang arms are tool-free adjustable and can be easily changed to 1 of 3 settings: full float, limited float, or rigid.  In the full-float setting, the arms float up and down for following ground contours and work best in rolling contours and previously tilled soils.  The limited float setting allows the arms to have an adjustable stop to limit upward travel and works best when extra down pressure is needed, but the arms can still float freely downward to follow uneven soil.  The rigid setting is where the arms are fixed and have no up or down movement but have adjustable height and works best in un-tilled, level soil and standing beds from the previous crop where soil penetration is important.

The 20.5 x 8-10 gauge wheel package on the bedding disk provides flotation in tilled soils when bedding disks are operated in float.


The lister attachment adds 10” wide furrow shovels for 30” spacing and 15” shovels for wider spacings that provides economical bedding for a wide variety of applications.

When picking a lister attachment, choose from a spring-reset lister shank design or a rigid shank design to help meet desired needs.



Bed Shaper Kits

Bed shaper kits are bolted onto the back of the bedding disc toolbar for consistent bed shaping and help build a crisp and firm bed for planting.

Ripper Scraper

Scraper Kits

Scraper kits can be added by bolting onto the bedding disc arm and require minimal adjustment when changing the disc cutting angle.

Ripper Flex Frame

Flex-Frame Hydraulics

The patented flex-frame hydraulics allows the wings on folding models to float up 15 degrees and down 5 degrees to follow ground contours.

Shank Protectors

Choose between plastic shank protectors to provide non-stick performance in tacky soils, or steel shank protectors to help protect the shank from abrasive soil.

Shatter Wings

Add 7” or 9” shatter wings to the point that are angle-adjustable from 0-14 degrees for additional lifting and shattering action.


With Bedding Discs With Rigid Lister Shovel With Spring Lister Shove 

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

6-Row Rigid  30" 5,700   4,620  5,010  16'6" 
36" 5,950  4,840  5,240  21' -
38" 5,950 4,840  5,240  21' -
8-Row Rigid  30" 7,000  5,550  6,050  22' 
8-Row Folding 36" 8,970 6,525 7,025 16'6"  11'6"
38" 8,970 6,525 7,025 16'6" 11'6"
40" 8,970 6,835 7,335 16'6" 11'6"
12-Row Folding 30" 13,675 11,300 12,100 15'6"  12'4"
36" 13,875 11,500 12,300 21'7"  12'3"
38" 13,875 11,550 12,300 21'3" 13'1"
40" 13,975 11,875 12,675 21'3" 13'10"