Conveyors Bulk Handling

For the gentlest seed handling, look to the Unverferth lineup of tubular-style conveyors to increase the efficiency of your commodity transfers.  Unverferth conveyors can be mounted to gravity boxes, drills or planters and are also available as a stand-alone portable unit to meet individual needs.

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Move Seed Quickly & Gently

For seed handling as gentle as kid gloves, look to the Unverferth tubular-style gravity box conveyor.  It features an 8” wide cleated belt cupped inside of a 6” steel tube for maximum seed cushioning as it moves from the gravity box to the planter or drill.  Seed is conveyed as quickly as 10 bushels or 12 units per minute, depending on seed type and operating speed.  The cupped and cleated design of the belt keeps all of the seed moving quickly and gently.  Its steel construction with powder coat finish provides outstanding operating durability and longevity.

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A universal mounting bracket allows the Unverferth box-mounted conveyor to attach to all gravity boxes with door widths ranging from 29 ½”-60”.

The deep-intake sump keeps the conveyor full for optimum speed and the easily accessible cleanout door simplified conveyor cleanup for maintaining varietal and hybrid separation.  The high-efficiency orbital motor is mounted near the top of the conveyor for a cleaner operating environment, longer seal life and greater under-hopper clearance.  The speed is easily adjustable from 0-500 RPM.

The 16-foot conveyor length and 3-stage telescopic downspout, that extends from 6 to 10 feet, optimizes filling reach and operator convenience.  On the conveyor, the tube-mounted friction disc winch provides easy vertical adjustment.

An optional electronic on/off kit provides easy use while filling the planter and features magnetic mount for easy access and storage.

The Unverferth gravity box conveyor tucks securely to the side of the gravity box when not in use for enhanced transport safety and storage space efficiency.

Box-mountable hydraulic power unit for self-contained use without a tractor and is designed with many other features.  This unit produces 6.5 GPM flow at 2900 PSI of hydraulic flow to easily power the auger, a gas engine with electric start and pull-start backup and a 4.5-gallon reservoir with adjustable relief valve along with a combination level indicator/temperature gauge.  The reservoir features in-line return filter and intake strainer to keep the hydraulic system clean.  A universal mounting bracket is available for mounting to gravity boxes.

Drill & Planter Fills

Drill Fill Conveyor

Maximize Planting Efficiency

You'll sleep well this planting season with an Unverferth CCS drill or planter fill. They're the latest innovations from the High IQ line for maximizing planting efficiency for growers with JD CCS planting systems. Bag or bulk seed is easily moved from the ground-level hopper which makes Constantly Climbing Stairs just a distant memory.

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A cupped and cleated 8-inch belt inside of 6-inch tube gently carries seed to the planter or drill compartments.  With the conveniently placed dual on/off controls and an 8’-telescoping downspout on all models, allows for easy, one-person filling of the seed box from the ground or planter platform.  Models are available for 1770/1775 and 1790/1795 CCS, NT and DB-Series planters.

Drill & Planter Fills feature super-gentle, variable-speed conveyors that have tubular steel construction with powder-coat finish for a longer life.  Seed moves at rates up to 10 bushels per minute for quick filling.  The two-inch vulcanized paddles are spaced apart for carrying large seed volumes at low speeds.

Conveyor hoppers are fitted with canvas cover for minimizing debris accumulation during planting, transport and storage.  A clean-out door is standard for easily removing leftover seed when switching to different varieties.  Well-balanced design allows easy movement into working or transport position.

Portable Conveyor

gravity box conveyor, conveyor, conveyors, cleated belt conveyor, portable conveyor, planter conveyor, seed conveyor

Move It Fast & Gentle

It’s belt capacity, not speed that makes moving seed with an Unverferth pull-type tubular-style conveyor both fast and gentle. The patented 12" wide 5-ply rubber conveyor belt features offset rows of cupped cleats inside of an 8" tube for carrying large volumes of seed at low operating speed for minimal seed damage.  Unverferth 8" portable seed conveyors can move up to 35 bushels per minute (2,040 bushels per hour) and are constructed of tubular-steel with powder-coat finish for optimum durability. They feature a heavy-duty steel transport frame, new implement tires and a wide, 8-foot base for extra stability when in a high working position and during towing. Operating height is easily adjusted with a friction-disc winch.

Conveyor Belt Cutout


The patented 5-ply rubber conveyor belt design features offset rows of cupped cleats to minimize seed damage while providing a greater carrying capacity.  The 8” conveyor features an unloading speed of up to 35 bushels per minute.  Models are available in 8" x 21', 8" x 30' and 8" x 35' sizes.

Hydraulic operating speed of 350 r.p.m. with 21' model and 230 r.p.m. with 30' and 35' models for the gentlest seed handling.  Convenient dual lever controls for easily controlling the speed of the hydraulic motor.

The hitch features tool-free installation for moving the conveyor from one farm to the next and can be equipped with an optional transport chain for safer transport on roadways.  Equipped with your choice of orbital hydraulic or electric motor (single or three-phase).

Hoppers are extra wide for unloading convenience and feature a lower hinged cleanout door for easily removing leftover seed and a protective grating over the intake for enhanced operator safety.  The hopper design is ideal for unloading bulk seed bags yet versatile enough to also work easily with wagons and bins.

3-Stage Telescoping Downspout


A 3 or 2-stage telescoping downspout kit is available that extends the downspout to 6’-10’ or 4’-6’ respectively.