The Ripper-Stripper® strip-tillage tool’s wide variety of coulter options, finishing attachments and accessories allow the operator to customize the tool to fit their individual needs due to the varying soil profiles depending on geographical region.  The Ripper-Stripper is available in two models: the auto-reset model that automatically resets the shank into the soil after coming into contact with an obstacle or the cover crop roller with smooth coulter blades and rubber-cushioned mounting that crimps and deflects residue away from the row.  The Ripper Stripper strip-tillage tool from Unverferth does it all—in one pass—spring or fall—whether cutting through the prior year's crop or cover crop residue.

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Create a seedbed that warms quickly, provides optimum seed-to-soil contact for enhanced early plant growth and makes it easier for the plant roots to get the moisture and nutrients that are needed.

Ripper Models


The Ripper-Stripper is available in 2/4/6/8-shank with a rigid frame or 8/12/16-shank with a folding frame.  Depending on the number of shanks, 30”, 36”, 38” and 40” row-spacings are available.

Model 312 features a shear-bolt trip design for use in soils with minimal obstacles.  The trip pressure for Model 312 is 7,500 lbs. for consistent working depth.

Model 332 features an auto-reset trip design with a heavy-duty pull arm that can trip upward and rearward to avoid obstacles and quickly resets without the need for shear-bolt replacement.  The trip pressure for Model 332 is 6,000 lbs. for consistent working depth.


The heavy-duty, double frame with a 6” x 6” rear mounting bar provides years of maximum durability when traveling in and out of the field.  The frame is powder-coated in your choice of tractor red or green on all sizes for a long-lasting finish.

Parking stands are standard on all units.  Transport lighting and reflective markings are standard on all Ripper-Stripper models except optional on 2-row sizes for safer road travel.

3-Point Hitch

Depending on model, the Ripper-Stripper has 3 different hitch styles which include 3-point hitch, quick attach hitch and narrow quick attach hitch.  When pulling with oscillating 4WD track tractors, choose the optional pull-type package or 3-point implement caddy to reduce side stress on the frame.  Adaptor kits for standard CAT 2 hitches are also available.

Stabilizer Wheels

Stabilizer wheels provide added stability and tool-free adjustment for quick and convenient depth adjustment in the field.  Rigid models up to 6-row 30” row-spacing utilize 7.60L x 15 8-ply tire, 8-row folding and 6-row 36”, 38” and 8-row 30” rigid models utilize 9.5L x 15 8-ply tires, while models that are 12-row 30” row-spacing (wings only), 12-row 36”, 38” 40” row-spacing and 16-row 30” row-spacing (base and wings) folding models utilize 12.5L x 15 10-ply tires.


Lead Coulter

The lead coulter features a swivel design for 10 degrees of side-to-side movement to follow ground contours and changing terrain.  The 20” blade with 13 waves cut residue with 1,500 lbs. of down force.

6-bolt greaseable hubs with 5 layers of seal protection help ensure long-term, trouble-free use along with patented formed cast mounting clamps ensure that the lead Coulter stays straight in the field.

Ripper Cover Crop Roller

Cover Crop Roller

The cover crop roller is available on 6/8-shank rigid and 8/12-shank folding (30”/36”/38” row spacings) features chevron-patterned blades that crimp and deflect cover crop away from the row.

Smooth blades (22” diameter) on the cover crop roller (11” diameter) create a clear path for the shank and rubber-cushioned mounting allows the individual rollers to follow ground contours and go over obstacles.


Shank Features

Shanks on all models feature special-alloy, steep-sloped ¾” shanks that loosen compaction up to 18” deep for shattering hardpan.  The recommended pulling requirements are 20-40 HP per shank depending on soil type.

1 ¼” wide patented shark-fin wear bars extend the shank life and minimizes resistance for easier pulling.  Replaceable raised-center shark-fin points break hardpan with minimal surface soil disturbance and greater durability.

Stripper Attachments


All attachments feature parallel-link mounting for consistent operating depth across the field and are width, depth and down pressure adjustable.  All pivot points feature greaseless hardened steel bushings for reduced maintenance.

Harrow Basket Attachment

Rolling Harrow Basket

The 15” wide Rolling Harrow basket attachment with a choice of lead wavy coulter blades, notched concave blades or smooth concave blades is ideal for creating a fully tilled and leveled strip of soil ready for planting.  The 15” wide concave Rolling Harrow basket attachment creates a mounted strip of soil for a raised seedbed.  A 20” wide Rolling Harrow Basket attachment is also available with a choice of wavy coulter or notched concave blades for additional seedbed finishing.

Strip Builder Attachment


17” wide wavy blade strip builder features two adjustable coulters ideal for preparing rough-textured seedbeds.

Zone Firmer Attachment

Trailing Zone-Firmer

The trailing Zone-Firmer attachment comes in 16” wide with 4 press wheels and choice of lead wavy coulter blades, notched concave coulter blades or smooth concave coulter blades for creating a firmed strip of soil for planting, or lead angled press wheels for sealing the shank’s path and additional firming action.  20” wide trailing Zone-Firmer with 5 press wheels with wavy coulter blades is also available for extra wide seedbed firming.

Ripper Stripper Crowfoot Attachment

Crowfoot Conditioning Basket

14” diameter trailing crowfoot conditioning basket attachment with lead wavy coulter blades breaks up clods, conditions the strip and features a unique design to prevent plugging with mud, rocks or other debris.

Fertilizer Attachments

Shank Attachment

Fertilizer shank attachments are depth-adjustable for delivering dry or liquid fertilizer and allow the operator to place fertilizer in the row for optimum nutrient uptake.  The shank stagger kit offsets the shank by extending it rearward.

3-Point Implement Caddy Option

Implement Caddy

3-Point Caddy

The 3-point implement caddy easily converts nearly any 3-point tillage tool into a pull type implement.

500 Caddy Field


Model 500 implement caddy can carry up to a 9-shank implement and has a total lift capacity of 13,000 lbs.  This model is available with IF320/70R x 15 dual tires or 14L x 16.1 14-ply dual tires and 6” x 6” steel axle arms.  All-welded 4” x 8” tubular steel frame and CAT 3 lower quick-hitch, auto-latch attachment and top quick link are included.

Model 700 caddy can carry up to a 16-shank implement and has a total lift capacity of 22,000 or 16,000 lbs. depending on tire choice.  This model is available with 295/75 x 22.5 dual tires or 385/65 x 22.5 (22,000 lbs. capacity) dual tires and 8” x 8” steel axle arms.  Model 700 features parallel lift arms with up to 30” of clearance and an oscillating dual wheel design for enhanced transport safety and weight equalization.  All-welded 4” x 10” tubular steel frame and CAT 4 narrow hitch attachment is included.

Rear Hydraulics Caddy


Depending on model, the implement caddy has a hydraulic hose connection towards the rear of the caddy and all models include an electrical connection at the rear of the caddy for easily hooking up trailing tillage tool.

Caddy Hitch


Adjustable tongue height with single-tang hitch allows you to easily match the tractor’s drawbar and the adjustable top link design provides quick and convenient leveling of the attached implement.


Ripper Flex Frame

Flex-Frame Kit

The patented flex-frame hydraulic valve kit on 8-shank 36”/38”/40”, 12-shank 36”/38”/40” and 16-shank 30” folding units allow the wings to float up 15 degrees and down 5 degrees to follow ground contours.

Floating Row Cleaners

Row Cleaner

Row cleaner attachments installed on the lead coulter and feature finger wheels that are width-adjustable and feature a floating design to follow ground contours separate from the coulter blade.  These trail behind the coulter for more effective field performance and the curbed finger design prevents debris from wrapping.

Quad Coulter


The 4-coulter package adds 2 additional 13-wave blades to the strip-builder coulters for more aggressive and thorough tillage.  Optional specialty brackets add flexibility to accommodate additional row spacing.

Lift Assist Package

Lift-Assist Packages

The semi-mounted planter lift-assist package mounts directly to 6/8/12/16-row planters and feature caster lift-assist wheels for faster planter lifting and more stable road transport. The lift-assist package for 8-shank and larger units provides added lifting power of the tractor’s 3-point hitch.

Planter Arm Kit

Planter Arm Kit

The mounted integral planter arm kit for bolting 4- or 6-row 3-point planters directly to the back of a Ripper-Stripper implement and raises/lowers with the tractor 3-point.

Shank Protectors

Choose between plastic shank protectors to provide non-stick performance in tacky soils, or steel shank protectors to help protect the shank from abrasive soil.

Shatter Wings

Add 7” or 9” shatter wings to the point that are angle-adjustable from 0-14 degrees for additional lifting and shattering action.

Rear Pull Hitch

Rear Pull-Through Hitch

The option of adding a rear pull-through hitch is utilized for towing fertilizer carriers.  There is also a separate hydraulic hitch height control option. 

Ripper Row Marker

Row Markers

Row markers added for 8- and 12-row units feature 16” notched blades that leave a highly visible mark and come complete with hydraulics and sequence valve.


Description Stabilizer Tire Size Transport Width/Height Model 332 w/Conv. Strip Builder Appx. Weight (lbs.) Model 312 w/Conv. Strip Builder Appx. Weight (lbs.)

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

2-Row, 36" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 10' 2,800 2,300
2-Row, 38" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 11'4" 2,800 2,300
2-Row, 40" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 11'4" 2,900 2,400
4-Row, 30" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 11'4" 3760 3120
4-Row, 36" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 13'9" 3900 3360
4-Row, 38" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 13'9" 3900 3360
4-Row, 40" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 13'9" 3900 3360
6-Row, 30" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 16'6" 5305 4435
6-Row, 36" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 19'5" 5525 4680
6-Row, 38" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 19'5" 5525 4680
6-Row, 36" Spacing - Folding 9.5Lx15 8-ply 16' / 7' 6450 5960
6-Row, 38" Spacing - Folding 9.5Lx15 8-ply 16' / 7' 6450 5960
8-Row, 30" Spacing - Rigid 7.60x15 8-ply 21'10" 6655 5605
8-Row, 30" Spacing - Folding 9.5Lx15 8-ply 15'6" / 7" 7690 6665
8-Row, 36" Spacing - Folding 9.5Lx15 8-ply 16'6" / 9'8" 8075 7385
8-Row, 38" Spacing - Folding 9.5Lx15 8-ply 16'6" / 9'8" 8075 7385
8-Row, 40" Spacing - Folding 9.5Lx15 8-ply 15'6" / 10'2" 8075 7385
12-Row, 30" Spacing - Folding 12.5Lx15 10-ply 15'6" / 12'4" 10,725 9195
12-Row, 36" Spacing - Folding 12.5Lx15 10-ply 20'10" / 11'9" 12,040 10,565
12-Row, 38" Spacing - Folding 12.5Lx15 10-ply 20'3" / 12'7" 12,040 10,565
12-Row, 40" Spacing - Folding 12.5Lx15 10-ply 19'8" / 13'4" 12,110 10,635
16-Row, 30" Spacing - Folding 12.5Lx15 10-ply 19'8" / 13'4" 14,555 13,025