Agricultural Wheels

Unverferth Manufacturing wheel products feature long-lasting, powder-coat finishes and heavy-duty, durable designs to provide growers with the most premier quality wheel systems in the industry. We have been manufacturing wheel systems since 1948, and it continues to be a pivotal focus of our business today. When it comes to wheels, rims, and extensions for your agricultural or construction equipment needs, Unverferth offers the highest level of manufacturing and distribution in the industry.  

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Unverferth is a manufacturing leader in agricultural and construction custom-built wheels. We use the latest computerized design and fabrication technology which allows us to provide unmatched quality for all custom-built applications.  

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Dual & Triple Wheels

10-Hole Tractor Dual Wheel - 14330Y

Axle-Mount Duals

Increased-pulling power, greater floatation, and better fuel efficiency are all benefits that Unverferth dual packages offer. Our Axle-Mount dual systems feature a heavy-duty, 10-hole dual wheel and a ductile-iron Wedg-Lok® hub that attaches directly to the tractor’s bar axle.  

Wedg-Lok® hubs feature two inserts to match the axle’s diameter and keyway. When tightened, the inserts grip the axle for a slip-free fit. 

1000E series Wedg-Lok® hubs feature a maximum offset and require a minimum 7” of exposed axle. 

Wedg-Lok® hubs feature two inserts to match the axle’s diameter and keyway. When tightened, the inserts grip the axle for a slip-free fit. 

2000E series Wedg-Lok® hubs feature a 0” offset and require a minimum 7” of exposed axle. 

T-Rail Clamp On Dual Wheel - R-13177

T-Rail Clamp on Duals

Looking for a set of duals for your tractor that are easy to install and at an economical price? The Unverferth patented T-Rail® Open-Center dual packages are exactly what you are looking for. Available for the front or rear of your tractor or combine, the T-Rail® system utilizes an open-center rim featuring a welded “T” rail, spacer band, and are available in diameters of 20" up to 54".

Attachment hardware includes: cast-iron clamps, threaded "J" hooks, and eyenut/eyebolts.

MFWD Tractor Dual Wheel Package

MFWD Dual Packages

Adding dual wheels to tractors has become a common practice in today’s agricultural environment. Unverferth Manufacturing offers front dual packages for MFWD tractors that feature an adjustable Waffle-Wheel, spacer, and hardware that can achieve a variety of different row spacings.  

Standard MFWD dual packages are available in 24”, 30”, 34”, and 38” wheel diameters. Custom-build MFWD dual packages can accommodate special tire sizes and row spacings. 

Tractor Triple Wheel System

4WD Dual and Triple Packages

Unverferth Manufacturing offers a variety of different dual and triple wheel packages for 4WD tractors. From deep-formed plate and expanded-band to tie rod style dual and triple packages, Unverferth has the right configuration to fit your application.

Tractor Wheel Extensions


Unverferth Manufacturing has the largest selection of hub extensions and dual wheel spacers in the industry. Regardless of your row spacing preference, Unverferth has or can custom-build the exact extension you need to center the tires on your equipment down the middle of the row. 

Extension/spacer offerings range from 2” to 42” lengths and can be built for bolt circles up to 32.00”. 

Hat and Drum style extensions are used for front wheel applications. Spool style extensions are used for rear wheel applications. 

 Combine Straddle Row Dual Wheels - 111372SM

Harvest Equipment

Increase flotation in wet conditions by putting a set of dual wheels on your harvest equipment. Unverferth offers dual packages for combines, cotton pickers, and cotton strippers in various styles. T-Rail duals, single wheels, and custom-build options are also available for the front and rear of your harvest equipment. 

Deep-formed dual wheels offer an original-equipment look and match 30” row spacing. 

Expanded-band style dual packages can provide additional row spacing flexibility depending on your combine model. 

For cotton pickers and strippers, extensions in lengths from 10” to 27” are available to mate 10-hole Unverferth dual wheels up to the 10- or 20-bolt axle hub. 

Sprayer Dual Wheel Package

Sprayer Duals

Needing to spray in wet conditions or looking to reduce compaction by adding flotation? Look no further than Unverferth sprayer dual packages and floaters. Unverferth Manufacturing offers dual packages and main flotation wheels for John Deere, Case-IH and RoGator sprayers. 

Extensions and adapter plates are available to meet your unique row spacings and applications. 

10-Hole Budd-Style Dual Wheels -14693

Flotation/Super Single Wheels

Unverferth Manufacturing offers a complete lineup of Super-Single/Budd-style dual wheel packages that offer maximum flotation for any truck, sprayer, combine or implement in your operation. 

Step-Up & Replacement Rims

Step Up & Conversion Tractor Rims

Rims for Cast Centers

Step-up rims easily convert your tractor to high clearance workhorses while utilizing the tractor’s existing cast-center. Unverferth offers a complete lineup of replacement single and double-bevel rims and stub-disc wheels that fit standard 28” to 42” cast centers.  

Double-bevel replacement rims are available in standard-drop and deep-drop rims that will fit most 28”, 34”, 36”, 38”, and 42” cast centers. 

Single-bevel rims fit standard 42” cast centers with rim diameters of 46”, 48”, 50”, 52”, and 54”. 

Stub-Disc Wheels fit standard 36”, 38”, and 42” cast centers with wheel diameters of 38”, 42”, 46”, 50”, and 54”. Stub-Disc wheels are able to be custom-built to match any unique application. 

Rims with Clamps

Tractor Rim with Clamps - 10641SM

RC Rims

These ready-to-install rims are easily attached to existing discs as original equipment or to give your tractor a different footprint. Unverferth RC rims are available in 24”, 28” and 30” diameters with 4, 6 or 8 welded clamps, depending on size. Bolt-in formed discs are also available to fit these rims. 

In addition to the RC rims, we also manufacture a wide variety of custom-built complete RCDW wheels for virtually any tractor make/model. 

Manual Adjust Wheels

Power Adjust Rim & Bolt-In Disc

Adjustable Row Spacing

Having the ability to adjust wheel offsets is an important feature to agricultural wheel systems, especially in row-crop operations. Unverferth offers various styles of adjustable rims and wheels that can give your machine an original look or allow you to achieve a unique setup. 

Tractor Waffle Wheel - Red

Waffle Wheels

Look to Unverferth waffle wheels for replacing, converting or when adding duals to MFWD tractors – both front and rear. Available diameters are 28” to 54” and they’ll accommodate up to eight different tread widths. 

RCDW Rim-Wheel Yellow

RCDW Wheels

RCDW wheels utilize bolt in discs and RC rims that offer offset adjustability. Stocked wheels are available in sizes 10”x24” up to 10”x50” for a variety of OEM manufacturers. Custom-built options for any unique size are also available.

Power Adjust Rim with 6 Rails - RR106014W

Power-Adjust Rims

Power-adjust assemblies are the fastest, easiest tread-width adjustment system available. Unverferth power-adjust rims are available in sizes ranging from 10x24 with four rails up to 16x38 with eight rails. An assortment of power-adjust, bolt-in discs and attaching hardware is also available. 

Small Diameter Wheels

Small Diameter Implement Wheels

Tractor & Implement Wheels

Unverferth offers small-diameter wheels for virtually every agricultural application you can imagine – running gears, combines, tillage implements and more. Choose from 4-, 5-, 6-, 8- and 10-hole wheels with industry-standard bolt patterns and pilot holes, available in a variety of diameters from 8” to 24.5”. 

Skid-steer loader wheels and Over-The-Road trailer wheels are also available in colors and sizes to match most brands. 

Flotation Rims & Wheels

10-Hole Hub Piloted Wheel - 17461W


Terra wheels and rims allow maximum flotation and reduce compaction for any truck, sprayer, combine or implement that crosses a field. Computer design and robotic welding result in an unmatched level of quality. 

Terra rim styles include front and rear 20” and 22.5” cast-spoke demountable; 25” special step-down demountable to 20” cast-spoke centers; 25”, 22.5” and 20” 10-hole Budd-type plate wheels; 20”, 25” and 32” three-piece blank rims; and 32” one-piece blank rims. Unverferth also manufactures a complete line of Terra rim and wheel parts. 

Irrigation & Grain Cart Wheels

Galvanized Irrigation Wheel - W1224-8GAV

Irrigation Wheels

Need to pivot to a newer, higher-quality irrigation wheel? Unverferth provides a complete lineup of painted and galvanized irrigation wheels to fit the width and height that your system needs. 

Grain Cart Wheel - 17377SM

Grain Cart Wheels

Grain cart wheels are available in diameters ranging from 26” to 46” with 10-hole and 12-hole industry standard bolt circles. 

Loose Ag Rims & Discs

Agricultural Blank & Special Rims


Unverferth offers unpainted, blank rims from 10” to 54” with various drops to meet different disc diameters. Additional offerings include replacement rims with drive lugs for antique Farmall, Ford, John Deere, and Oliver tractors. 

Loose Discs for Rims

Replacement Discs

With a wide variety of replacement discs available, Unverferth is sure to have a solution for you to utilize your existing rim with a new bolt-in or weld-in disc. Pressed-steel, formed-plate, and straight-plate discs are offered in a wide variety of bolt patterns as well as custom-build options up to 54” diameter. 

Parts, Hardware & Reinforcing Rings

Wheel Systems Parts, Hardware & Reinforcing Rings

Wheel Systems Parts, Hardware & Accessories

Unverferth also provides a full line of replacement hardware and wheel accessories. Items available are: reinforcing rings with various bolt-patterns, weld-in clamps and gussets, hub capscrews, drive-in studs, valve stem protectors, rubber grommets, and an assortment of hardware.  

Custom-Built Wheels

Fendt Tractor Narrow Custom Built Wheels

Customized To Your Specs

Didn’t find exactly what you are looking for? Unverferth Manufacturing is an industry leader in agricultural and construction custom-built wheels. We use the latest computerized design and fabrication technology which allows us to provide unmatched quality for all our custom-built applications. Contact your nearest Unverferth Wheel Systems dealer and ask them about our custom-build options.