Seed Runner Bulk Tender Unverferth Seed Tenders

The dual-compartment Unverferth Seed Runner tender for bulk seed not only delivers seed directly to your planter or drill, its innovative, patented design allows it to fill itself! The model 3750 and 3750 XL feature a capacity of 375 seed units and model 2750 holds up to 275 seed units.

Models are complete with heavy-duty triple-axle undercarriage with brakes for 3750 and 3750XL, or dual axle undercarriage for model 2750, or can be mounted to your trailer or truck.


    • Cupped and cleated belt, with choice of 12" inside an 8" tube, or 8" inside a 6" tube gently moves the seed
    • Models with 8" conveyor unload at up to 25 bushels per minute or with 6" unload up to 12 bushels per minute
    • 18' steel conveyor with telescopic downspout for extended unloading reach on models 2750 and 3750
    • 21' steel conveyor on model 3750XL permits the easiest filling of the tallest central fill planter
    • The 3750 XL also features adjustable spring-lift assist for easily moving into the loading or unloading position
    • Easy-opening 5" x 6" doors with rubber funnel regulate seed flow
    • 390 cc (11.7 HP) Honda® gas engine with electric start and conveniently located controls
    • 60-inches of hydraulically operated vertical height adjustment for easily positioning conveyor into the loading or transport positions
    • Top-mounted, 6-cubic-inch hydraulic motor pulls the belt forward, keeping it tight for the most efficient and gentlest seed movement
    • Standard two-stage downspout reaches 30' for filling planters up to 12-row, 30"
    • Dual compartments for easily carrying two different varieties
    • Each compartment features dual, LED indicator lights for easily determining the fill level
    • Handle the widest variety of bulk seed including cotton, peanuts and wheat
    • Standard rollover tarp for safeguarding contents
    • Control panel with choke, ignition and throttle controls mounted on conveyor side permits convenient engine operation
    • Viewing ladder lifts up and conveniently stores behind the fender for easy access
    • Patented brush-type seal on conveyor inlet prevents seed from back feeding into the hopper for cleaner operation
    • Hinged door at bottom of conveyor for easy cleanout
    • Turntable features catches in 3/4" increments which translates to being able to stop every 10" at conveyor spout with stainless-steel roller plates for long life and durability
    • Wired remote for easy conveyor on/off and raise/lower features a magnetic mount for easily storing on your Seed Runner tender; optional wireless remotes are also available
    • Mount the Seed Runner on your own truck or trailer or choose the heavy-duty undercarriage.
    • The Seed Runner undercarriage features rugged steel construction, rubber-cushioned suspension, tandem or triple axles with electric brakes, highway-rated tires, lights, reflective striping and and transport chains
    • The undercarriage can be equipped with your choice of 2-5/16" ball hitch, optional 3" pintle hitch on both models, or gooseneck hitch.
    • Trademarked ivory and tan speckle protective finishes with a powder-coated undercarriage and a two-part enamel topcoat on the box with silicone sealed seams for long life


    • T&G Applicator makes seed lubrication with graphite or talc quicker, easier and cleaner.
      • Patent-pending design for constant application for ideal planter lubrication and more consistent seed placement
      • Automatically turns on and off in conjunction with conveyor
      • 50 Lbs. capacity and includes lower cleanout door
      • Weather-tight hopper lid keeps contents dry; gas-strut lift assist for easy opening and filling
      • Augers material into conveyor inlet and is powered by tender's hydraulics
      • Auger and internal agitation ensure even coating and smooth material flow
      • Includes metering control for delivering the correct amount
      • Available as factory- or field-installed accessory
    • Gain power and efficiency with one-person, wireless remote control operation in choice of three packages:
      • 3-Function
        • Conveyor on/off
        • Conveyor raise/lower
        • Open/close doors
      • 6-Function adds to the above
        • Starting and stopping of engine with emergency off switch
        • Engine throttle control
        • Left/right conveyor swing
        • Scale indicator for quick reference to weights 
      • 7-Function available for 3750XL and provides above features, plus the ability to postion the conveyor into the self-loading position
      • All wireless remotes feature mechanical override to allow operation of hydraulic functions if wireless connection is inadvertently lost.
    • Model 2410 scale features standard operations and large LCD readout
    • 2520 scale package provides added versatility with auto shutoff. Just enter the pounds you want to load into each seed box and it will automatically shut off the conveyor when the given weight is dispensed
    • Scale monitor is enclosed in a weather-tight box for verifying the quantity of seed delivered or for using as a weigh cart at harvest
    • Scale platform is also available for installng scales when using the Seed Runner on your own undercarriage
    • Spare tire provides added security for quick changes to get you back on the road in short order
    • An optional canvas cover with elastic band holds tightly around the hopper opening for protecting seed from dirt, dust, debris and water
    • Optional three-stage telescopic downspout for a reach of up to 40' to easily fill 16-row planters.
    • Spotlight for top of conveyor for easier nighttime filling
    • Electric operation of rollover tarp provides added operational convenience


    Model 2750 3750 3750XL
    Overall Length (Conv. Forward) 23'8"/24'8" gooseneck hitch 24'8" ball hitch/25'9" gooseneck hitch 27'10" either hitch
    Transport Width 8'6" 8'6" 8'6"
    Transport Height 10'6" 11'2" 11'2"
    Overall Load Height 9'10" 10'5" 10'5"
    Box Length 12' 14' 14'
    Box Width 8' 8'6" 8'6"
    Box Height 8'8" 9'4" 9'4"
    Box Load Height 8' 8'7" 8'7"
    Box Base Length 9'5" 9'5" 9'5"
    Box Base Width 5' 5' 5'
    Undercarriage Length 18'5" 21' 21'
    Transport Length 19'8" 22'9" 22'9"
    Undercarriage Deck Height 1'10" 1'10" 1'10"
    Underframe Clearance 1'2" 1'2" 1'2"
    Conveyor Height in Transport Position 8'1" 8'1" 8'4"
    Conveyor Maximum Unloading Height 12' 12' 13'6"
    Conveyor reach at Maximum Unloading Height 11'2" 11'2" 14'2"
    Conveyor Minimum Unloading Height 7' 7' 7'10"
    Conveyor Reach at Minimum Unloading Height 13'5" 13'5"


    Appx. Empty Weight (lbs.) 5900 6250 6500
    Tongue Weight -Loaded (lbs.) 1,000 1,000 1000
    Hitch Type Std./Opt. 2-5/16" Ball/3" Pintle 2-5/16" Ball/3" Pintle 2-5/16" Ball/3" Pintle
    Lighting Connector 7-pin flat 7-pin flat 7-pin flat
    Reach w/Standard 2-Stage downspout 30' (12-Row Planter) 30' (12-Row Planter) 34' (12-Row Planter)
    Reach w/opt. 3-Stage downspout 40' (16-Row Planter) 40' (16-Row Planter) 44' (16-Row Planter)

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