Freedom Soil Ripper

The Freedom Soil Ripper breaks up tightly compacted soil to allow better drainage and plant roots to move freely into the subsoil for enhanced growth.

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Freedom Soil Ripper Green


The Freedom Soil Ripper features special-alloy steel and ¾” thick shanks with working depth of up to 18”, easy-to-replace raised points, shear-bolt protected shanks and durable 4” x 4” steel tube frame.  

Freedom 2 shank Red


This tillage tool utilizes CAT 1 hitch with parking stands and is available on both one- and two-shank models.  A CAT 2 hitch is available on two-shank models only.  All Freedom landscape tools require 25-35 hp per shank and are available with powder-coat finish in tractor blue, green, orange or red.