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The NutriMax liquid fertilizer applicator helps ensure optimum crop performance through precise placement of nutrients when it's most needed during periods of high growth.  The unique fold design provides a narrow transport width of less than 15' allowing you to easily travel from field-to-field.  The 2600, 1800 and 1400 gallon tank capacities, 90' to 40' toolbar widths and industry leading components allow you to quickly cover your acres.  A rugged frame and toolbar design is built for high-speed application and 36" of toolbar clearance provides a longer application window.  Innovative and rugged application options incldue the Double-Coulter and Dual-Delivery systems to meet individual grower preferences.  Travel the extra mile, cover the extra acre with the NutriMax!


    Exclusive Tank Design

    • Gray-colored poly tanks are available in 2600, 1800 and 1400 gallon capacities which means more acres covered per fill
    • Containment-tank sump functions like a sump-within-a-sump for holding the last 30-50 gallons of liquid on side-hills and inclines to maintain a primed pump
    • Stainless steel baffle for load stability in the field or going down the road

    Convenience Is Key

    • Front and rear tank-volume indicators with red ball float for easy viewing from the tractor cab and from the rear of unit for quick, easy filling
    • 3” quick-fill for faster tank loading from ground level on the rear of the unit
    • 9-gallon clean-water tank equipped with eye-wash tube and spout for quick response

    Pumps & Accessories

    • Hydraulic pump with pulse-width modulation for enhanced application at the correct pressure at varying field speeds
      • Optional hydraulic-operated stainless steel pump for longer life
    • Optional inductor system easily adds micronutrients from ground level and includes agitation to keep the fertilizer in proper suspension while applying
    • Optional steerable hitch provides added steering control on end rows to minimize crop damage during turns


    Transportation Innovation

    • Innovative, patent-pending side-fold design to acheive a narrow transport width
      • Models 2600 and 1800 feature a 14' 9" transport width and model 1400 features a 13' 4" transport width
    • Toolbar sizes of 90', 88', 80', 66', 60’, 44' and 40' depending on tank size to accommodate 30", 22" and 20” row spacings
      • 90' toolbars fold and operate at 60', 60’ toolbars fold and operate at 40’
      • 40' toolbars are available as rigid or dual-width which will fold and operate at 30'
    • Coulters on the center toolbar section feature 18" of ground clearance on models 2600 and 1800 and 13.5" of ground clearance on model 1400 when in the road transport position

    Industry-Leading Field Performance

    • 36" of toolbar clearance allows you to apply at later growth stages when it is needed most by the plant
    • Hydraulic pressure provides active toolbar down force to keep the coulters in the ground for consistent penetration
    • Hydraulic wing tilt feature automatically raises the toolbar 15Ëš for minimizing crop damage while turning on end rows
    • Parallel linkages on models 2600 and 1800 provide optimum down pressure on the coulters for consistent fertilizer positioning in the row
    • Tool-free adjustable gauge wheels mounted on the mid and outer wings
      • 4 guage wheels total on models 2600 and 1800 and 2 guage wheels total on model 1400
    • Electric Flo-Bak® ball valves mounted on toolbar for a faster response time and fertilizer savings
    • 6-section control on 80' and larger toolbars and 5-section control on 66' and smaller toolbars for applying where needed
    • Standard flow ball indicator system allows you to easily monitor the flow to each row
    • ISOBUS equipped to easily connect with your tractor’s VT screen
      • Optional Raven 450 rate controller with Astro II GPS Receiver
    • Injection nozzle or knife injector mounted on a heavy-duty, 1/2” thick bar for consistent and long-term on-target application

    Durability Comes Standard

    • Models 2600 and 1800 feature a toolbar constructed of dual, 5”x 7” tubes on the center section and mid-wings and a single 6”x 6” tube on the outer wing
    • Model 1400 features a toolbar constructed of a single, 7"x7" tube on the center section and wings
    • Six-bolt coulter hubs for extended life with 1,500 lbs. of down pressure for consistent penetration depth regardless of soil density
    • Square-tube coulter posts mounted to the toolbar with cast clamps for added vertical performance and life
    • Choose from straight or wavy coulters that swivel up to 15 degrees in each direction for accurately following the terrain; greasable pivot for greater longevity
    • Optional closing wheel package helps fill the slot created by the coulter with soil to prevent fertilizer loss
    • Choice of red or green high-quality powder coat finish that resists corrosion


    Standard Single-Coulter System

    • Features 20" coulter blade, 6-bolt hub, 1,500 lbs. of down pressure, 1/2" thick injector mounting arm for consistent nitrogen injection down the center of the row
    • Your choice of an injector nozzle or knife injects fertilizer into the soil which reduces the risk of loss due to volatilization
    • This coulter system is the heaviest in the industry!

    Optional Double-Coulter System

    • Features all of the same heavy-duty components as the Single-Coulter system, but utilizes 2 coulters offset 10" apart between each row
    • The injector nozzles injects fertilizer 5" closer to each row, 33% closer to the row!
    • Studies have shown that injecting nitrogen closer to the plant root equates to increased yield and better uptake

    Optional Dual-Delivery System

    • This innovative system combines a Single-Coulter down the center of each row with two trailing hoses, one mounted on each side of the coulter
    • Allows the operator to inject nitrogen into the soil down the middle of the row and apply on top of the soil right next to the plant root
    • A selector valve allows the user to apply with both the coulter and hoses at the same time, or just one system or the other depending on preference
    • The u-shaped steel coulter mounting bracket positions each tube outward for consistent application at the plant's base for optimum nitrogen uptake when mositure is available


    Single or Dual Wheels & Tires

    • Single wheel and tire available on models 1800 and 1400 and a dual wheel and tire available on models 2600 and 1800
    • All single and dual wheel and tire models feature heavy duty 10-bolt hubs
    • Adjustable axle for accommodating numerous wheel/tire options and row spacings:
      • Models 2600 and 1800 single or dual wheel & tire axle adjusts from 60" to 120" centers
      • Model 1400 single wheel and tire axle adjusts from 88" to 132" centers

    Equalizer™ Track System

    • Available on models 2600 and 1800 with an adjustable axle from 88" to 144" centers
    • 14”-wide track belt with exclusive, patent-pending cambering from side-to-side and front-to-rear for maintaining uniform ground contact in uneven terrain
    • The shallow-tread design on the track belt allows for a greater footprint for increased flotation and easier turning
    • Self-cleaning rubber-coated mid-rollers and end-wheels on the track maximize in-field performance
    • Standard fenders provide added protection during transport.


    Nitrogen Fertilizer & Application

    • Dry/Granular by Broadcasting – Urea contains 46% nitrogen
    • Gas/Vapor by Banding - Anhydrous Ammonia contains 82% nitrogen
    • Liquid by Injection – UAN Solutions contain 28% or 32% nitrogen

    Ways We Lose Nitrogen

    • Denitrification – temperature, moisture and pH play a major roll.  If the soil is cold and saturated, active soil organisms take oxygen from the nitrate molecule, which converts it to Nitrous Oxide, Di-nitrous Oxide or pure nitrogen gas, becoming unusable.  These gases are released into the atmosphere, otherwise known as denitrification
      • Denitrification is most serious on soils that are poorly drained but can occur on any soil that is saturated with water
    • Volatilization or Urea Hydrolysis – a biological process that occurs when the urea molecule converts to ammonia gas and is released into the atmosphere
    • Leaching – the nitrate molecule is not held by the soil and will be carried by water.  This movement of nitrogen through the soil can deliver nitrates below the roots into the subsoil, otherwise known as leaching
      • Leaching is most serious on well-drained, sandy and gravelly soils but also can occur on well-drained upland limestone and shale soils

    Ways We Can Minimize Loss

    • Delaying part of the nitrogen application until corn is 10 to 16 inches tall (sidedressing) can minimize leaching and denitrification when corn needs it the most
      • Corn needs nitrogen at each stage of development, however, the most nitrogen is required prior to the grain fill period
    • Incorporating fertilizers that contain urea into the soil within 24 hours can minimize volatilization


    • Approximately 1 pound of nitrogen yields 1 bushel of corn
      • If the goal is 200 bushels of corn per acre, then 200 pounds of nitrogen per acre is needed
      • Ideally, 50 pounds applied at planting and 150 pounds at sidedressing (when the plant is between 10 and 16 inches tall and needs it most)



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    Model - Toolbar Transport Width Transport Length Transport Height Height to Top of Tank Hitch to Axle Empty Weight (appx. lbs.) Tongue Weight Transport (appx. lbs.) Tongue Weight Field (appx. lbs.) H.P. with Injector H.P. with Knives
    Tracks Duals Singles
    Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.
    2600 - 90'/88'/80' 15' 30'3" 13'6" 10'8" 15'10" 27,500 22,000 - 2,700 8,500 300 340
    2600 - 66'/60' 14'9" 24'3" 13'6" 10'8" 15'10" 24,000 18,500 - 4,700 7,500 260 300
    1800 - 66'/60' 14'9" 24'3" 13'6" 10'8" 15'10" 23,500 18,000 16,500 4,700 7,500 220 260
    1400 - 44'/40' 14'9" 19'4" 12'4" 11'7" 12' - - 11,020 1,440 1,880 140 160
    1400 - 40' Single Width 14'9" 24'4" 12'4" 11'7" 12' - - 10,500 1,440 1,880 140 160