X-TREME Front-Fold Auger Grain Carts Unverferth Grain Handling

Extreme reach and durability with unmatched front-folding corner auger performance!  Unverferth models 1317, 1117 and 1017 grain carts are specifically engineered for greater forward, outward and upward reach than any other single, front-folding, corner-auger grain cart. That’s why they’re named X-TREME.

All X-TREME® grain carts feature a patented auger that allows the upper portion to store diagonally along the front of the cart for extreme auger reach.  With capacities of 1325, 1125 and 1025 bushels and unloading speeds up to 620 bushels per minute, you can rest easy knowing you have the right grain cart to get the job done.


    Extreme Unloading

    • Dyna-Torque auger on models 1317 and 1117 combines a 22" diameter auger in the sump feeeding into a 20" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 620 bushels per minute
      • By increasing the unloading rate out of the sump, unloading efficiency is improved compared to a conventional, full-length 22" diameter auger
    • Model 1017 featuers a 20" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute
    • Auger intake (sump) is recessed below the floor line of the tank for complete clean out and faster unloading
      • Wheel operated clean out door for easy clean out and convenient pit dumping

    Unloading Control

    • Hydraulically controlled 4-Way directional downspout provides 4 feet of left/right and 2 feet of in/out control for easily topping off trucks
    • Dual auger mounted unloading lights with hinge-mounted switch for accurate connection and easier night time unloading

    Smooth Operation

    • Patented auger features a U-Joint with flex-drive coupler for unmatched durability and angles the auger outward for extreme upward, outward and forward reach

    • Patented cushioned upper auger connection for a smooth and stress-free auger engagement

    • Upper and lower auger flighting is synchronized for greater capacity, dependability and smooth operation

    • Computer-balancing virtually eliminates any vibration for smooth operation and longer life

    • Exclusive, full-length Extended-Wear flighting is 7/16" thick for longer life
    • Heavy-duty gearbox is static-rated at 330 h.p. and dynamic-rated at 153 h.p. for long-term, trouble-free use 

      • Features an extra large 1 3/4" full-length output shaft and 5-pin drive hub connection to the auger for handling the toughest unloading scenarios, even wet corn


    Tank Features

    • Capacities of 1325, 1125 and 1025 bushels to fit your operation's needs
    • Interior slopes are graphite coated for faster, cleaner unloading
    • Flashing L.E.D. amber and red taillights, side marker lights, reflective markings and S.M.V. emblem for safer transport
    • Front viewing ladder and front and rear laminated, shatterproof windows for easily viewing contents
    • Hydraulically controlled flow control door with highly visible position indicator and externally mounted cylinder for easy maintenance


    • Tubular steel mainframe with a truss design and 12-guage steel shell provides added strength for carrying the heaviest loads through the field
    • Durable primer coating with your choice of tractor red or green oven-baked top coat of high-grade enamel for a smooth, automotive-like finish
      • Exposed seams are silicone sealed for corrosion resistance

    Weatherguard Tarp

    • Weather-Guard rollover tarp with heavy-duty 18-oz. canvas to protect load contents is standard on the model 1317 and 1117 and optional on the model 1017



    • Model 1317 features 12-bolt hubs and models 1117 and 1017 feature 10-bolt hubs
      • All hubs are specifically designed with extra-reinforced gussets for greater lateral strength
    • Spindles are are constructed of high-tensile alloy steel for 30% greater strength then larger mild steel

    High-Flotation Singles

    • Available on models 1317, 1117 and 1017 with many tire size options depending on model
    • Tractor lug design on models 1317 and 1117 and tractor lug or diamond tread design on model 1017

    Walking Tandem Duals

    • Available on 1317 and 1117 and can be adjusted for 30" or 36" row spacings
    • Innovative design allows the cart to trail easily through the field and features independent operation from front to rear, allowing the cart to "walk" over obstacles.
    • The entire wheel assembly swings out for easier tire/wheel maintenance

    Equalizer™ Track Systems

    • Exclusive 42" wide track belt provides the widest footprint in the industry!
    • Patented design features 8° of side-to-side camber and 20° of front-to-back pivot with independent movement of each track which provides uniform ground contact on uneven terrain for optimum flotation
    • Available on model 1317:
      • 42" wide rubber track with 105" of ground contact length provides the largest footprint in the industry, over 60 square feet!
      • Four cast pivoting midrollers are on the same plane as the main idler wheels for optimum flotation 
    • Available on model 1117:
      • 42" wide rubber track with 87" of ground contact length provides a footprint of over 50 square feet
      • Two cast pivoting midrollers are on the same plane as the main idler wheels for optimum flotation 
    • Shallow belt tread design for greater flotation and traction and 40" main idler wheels with 10-bolt hubs for added durability
    • All hubs are greaseable and feature triple-lip seals with a steel guard for optimum lubrication
    • Hydraulic belt tensioning adjustment for easier track alignment, optimum ground contact and even weight distribution
    • Standard auto-greaser system for automatic application at more frequent intervals for consistent lubrication

    Traditional Track

    • 36" wide rubber track with 105" of ground contact length is available on model 1317 with four cast pivoting midrollers that are on the same plane as the main idler wheels for optimum flotation 
    • 36" wide rubber track with 90" of ground contact length is available on models 1117 and 1017 with two cast pivoting midrollers that are on the same plane as the main idler wheels for optimum flotation 
    • 40" main idler wheels with 10-bolt hubs for added durability
    • All hubs are greaseable and feature triple-lip seals with a steel guard for optimum lubrication
    • Hydraulic belt tensioning adjustment for easier track alignment, optimum ground contact and even weight distribution


    A complete harvest data management solution, UHarvest is the first ever system offered on either a tablet or ISO screen for a complete touchscreen interface that's easy to use for anyone in your operation!  With UHarvest Data Management, not only can you record your grain cart load weights, you can track every detail regarding your crops, trucks, destinations and even DRY bushel count.  The UHarvest Lite scale system offers complete ISOBUS grain cart scale operation for quick, convenient and accurate field weighing capability.

    UHarvest Data Management system features

    • Complete Touch-Screen Operation — Easy-to-use operation from your tractor’s ISOBUS virtual terminal screen or touch-screen tablet, or both
    • Accu-Save Data Recording — Automatically records data for each load
    • Grower, Farm, Field Information — Log your harvest by grower, farm and field for detailed reporting
    • Truck And Destination Site Identification — Easily log bushels by trucks and destinations
    • Combine Verify — Easily use grain cart to assist in calibrating the combine yield monitor with one touch
    • Hitch Weight Management — Monitor load distribution during cart loading
    • USB Data Management — Easily copy UHarvest data for use in your home computer
    • Multiple User Access — Full data access available to multiple users within 400 feet of UHarvest processor
    • UHarvest Cloud Solution Powered By Slingshot® — Slingshot is a secure, web-based data management system that enables you to save and see your harvest data from anywhere
    • The UHarvest mobile app allows you to easily send your harvest data to Slingshot from your mobile device

    UHarvest Data Management system options

    • Moisture Sense Technology — Convert grain weight to dry bushels for precise harvest record keeping
    • Accu-Load Technology — Automatic grain cart unloading and shutoff at desired off-load weight

    UHarvest Lite system features

    • ISOBUS connectivity for displaying your grain cart scale system on your tractors virtual terminal eliminating the need for an added scale display
    • Displays weight, date and time
    • Combine verify feature allows you to easily calibrate your combine yield monitor
    • Accu-Save feature automatically registers each load and displays your most recent 400 loading events on the virtual terminal
    • Hitch-weight monitoring for easily managing load balance between cart and tractor
    • Works with any brand of ISOBUS virtual terminal monitor

    Visit uharvest.net for complete details on the UHarvest system. 



    • UHarvest Data Management - See UHarvest tab for details
    • UHarvest Lite - See UHarvest tab for details
    • Scale packages for determining crop yield, yield within a field or keeping truckload weights within legal limits

      • –  The model 410 is specifically designed for ease of use and maximum productivity. The data can be sent to

        an optional attached printer or DataDownloader (DDL)

      • –  The model 520’s large, multi-line display provides more detailed management options such as downloading field information from your computer to the scale for easily recording field data; includes USB drive and software

    Other Options

    • Optional weatherguard roll tarp on model 1017.  Standard on models 1317 and 1117.
    • Tongue-mounted dual-port 55 GPM hydraulic drive motor delivers unloading speeds of up to 300-bushels per minute

    • Tongue-mounted dual-port 100 GPM hydraulic drive motor delivers unloading speeds of up to 375-bushels per minute

    • Camera package with 7” cab-mounted monitor and weatherproof camera(s) for viewing cart backing, loading or unloading 


    Model Number 1317 1117 1017

    *Capacities measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture, 56# test weight.

    Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

    Capacity* 1300+ 1100+ 1000+
    Unload Speed (bu/min) 620 620 500
    Approximate Empty Weight 17,460 14,400 13,420
    Approximate Full Tongue Weight 6,400 6,300 6,000
    Tire Size 520/85x42 Duals 520/85x42 Duals 900/60R32 BIAS LI176
    A 20'4" 19'6" 19'6"
    B 10'4" 10'4" 10'4"
    C 25'6" 21'10" 21'10"
    D 33'10" 29'11" 29'11"
    E 13'9" 13'9" 13'9"
    F-Adj. Min/Max 6'6"-8'6" 6'6"-8'6" 6'6"-8'6"
    G 12'4" 12' 11'4"
    H 11'5" 11' 10'8"
    I 1'5" 1'5" 1'5"
    J - Tandem Duals 60" or 72" 60" or 72" 60" or 72"
    J - Singles** 120" 120" 120"
    K - Tandem Duals 6'10" 6'10" 6'10"
    K - Singles** 13'10" 12'10" 12'10"
    L 120" or 144" 11'11" 11'11"
    M 12' 12' 12'
    M-Tracks 12'10" 12'10" 12'10"
    N 11'11" 11'11" 11'11"

    Loaded Tire Ground Pressure - P.S.I. calculated at the 3" penetration level.
    For use as a comparative guide in choosing between various tire options

    42"x148" Equalizer Tracks 11.20 - -
    42"x131" Equalizer Tracks 13.00 10.50 -
    36"x148" Tracks 13.29 - -
    36"x131" Tracks - 12.66 10.94
    650/65x42 Duals 22.34 17.06 -
    520/85x42 Duals 24.06 18.78 -
    480/80x42 Duals - 22.77 -
    520/85x38 Duals - 19.80 -
    1250/50x32 (201A8 LI) 22.01 - -
    1250/50x32 (188A8 LI) - 17.00 15.24
    1050/50x32 - 19.20 16.80
    35.5x32 (193A8 LI) - 25.20 -
    35.5x32 - - 18.27
    900/60x32 - - 24.89