Seed Runner Model 5000 Bulk Tender Unverferth Seed Tenders

The Seed Runner® model 5000 is designed specifically to keep pace with today’s largest and fastest planters. The model 5000 features a 500-seed-unit capacity and a two-stage conveyor – a low-profile intake coupled with a tubular loading conveyor – for 90 inches of vertical-height adjustment and 24 feet of reach for quick, convenient and gentle unloading.


    • Innovative two-stage conveyor design for quick, gentle handling of all seed types; crescent-shaped cleats on intake conveyor belt gently transfers seed from the tank to a 10-inch diameter tube with patent pending 15-inch belt featuring cupped rows of offset cleats
    • Exclusive intake conveyor also provides the ability to self-fill directly from a grain trailer for added convenience
    • Unloading speed up to 45 bushels per minute for a quick return to planting
    • Standard 7-function wireless remote control for one-person loading and unloading convenience.  Click wireless remote demo tab for more information. 
    • Electronic conveyor engagement delivers gentle starts and quickly accelerates to operating speed for extended belt performance. 
    • Conveyor powered by 6-cubic-inch, top-mounted hydraulic motor to keep the belt tight for smooth operation and longer belt life
    • Rollover tarp made of 18-ounce canvas and features cable tensioning for quick, smooth operation
    • Heavy-duty undercarriage with gooseneck hitch, tandem 16,000 lb. axles, spring-ride suspension and dual wheels for greater maneuverability
    • 4-wheel electric brakes, transport chains, reflective striping, LED lighting – including clearance lights – for safer road travel
    • Trademarked ivory and tan finish with silicone-sealed seams for long-lasting finish
    • Hydraulics powered by a reliable, 690 cc (22.1 HP) Honda® gas engine with electric start and conveniently located controls
    • Patent-Pending Ergonomic ladder design allows for easy viewing of the inside of the tank


    • Scale packages featuring an easy-to-see LCD display, even at a distance
      • Model 2410 scale features standard operations and large LCD readout
      • 2520 scale package provides added versatility with auto shutoff. Just enter the pounds you want to load into each seed box and it will automatically shut off the conveyor when the given weight is dispensed
    • Scale monitor is enclosed in a weather-tight box for verifying the quantity of seed delivered or for using as a weigh cart at harvest
    • T&G applicator for accurately applying seed lubricants for enhanced planter performance
    • Spare wheel and tire for transport security
    • Electric-operation for tarp
    • Electric-over-hydraulic-operated jack
    • Telescopic 3-stage downspout for reach of up to 50’


    Model 5000 Specifications
    Overall length - transport 32’5”
    Overall width - transport 8’6”
    Overall height - transport 11’11”
    Overall load height 11’
    Box length 16’8”
    Box width 8’6”
    Box height 9’6”
    Conveyor length past the hitch 4’
    Undercarriage deck height 2’4”
    Undercarriage under-frame clearance 1’1”
    Conveyor height in transport position 8’10”
    Conveyor maximum unload height 16’6”
    Conveyor reach at maximum unload height 16’3”
    Conveyor reach at minimum unload height 19’9”
    Approximate empty weight 11,150 lbs.
    Loaded tongue weight 6,700 lbs.
    Lighting connector 7-pin flat
    Standard downspout reach (4’ flex spout) 40’
    Maximum downspout reach (3-stage spout) 50’
    Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

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