Zone-Builder® Subsoiler Unverferth Primary Tillage

Like roots in a too-small container, your performance would be less than its best if you had to live and work each day in such cramped spaces. Yields suffer when compaction keeps roots from growing freely into the subsoil for optimum nutrient and water uptake. The Zone-Builder® subsoiler from Unverferth lets plants stretch their legs (and their roots) by opening passageways through the hardpan with minimal surface disruption. Long-term university research confirms deep-tilling with tools such as the Zone-Builder implement raise yields and income.


    • Three different Zone-Builder subsoiler models to best suit your soil conditions: 
      • Model 132 with auto-reset shank that trips rearward and upward from a single pivot point for trouble-free use in rocky, hard soils. Trip pressure of 6,000 lbs. for consistent working depth
      • Model 122 with spring-cushioned reset shank and cast-iron shank mounting feature 20" of vertical travel and 5,040 lbs. of point load
      •  Model 112 with shear-bolt protected shank with 7,500 lbs. of shear pressure for use in rock-free soils
    • Straight-leg shank design creates a passageway that allows plant roots, soil moisture and nutrients to move freely into the subsoil with minimal surface soil disturbance
      • Slices up to 20" deep to alleviate the deepest compaction
    • 3/4" thick high-stress,forged-alloy shanks provide maximum strength and minimal disturbance
    • Heat-treated, austempered 1-3/4" wide replaceable points dig through the hardpan
      • Points feature raised-center, tapered design for less soil disturbance at higher speeds
    • Hourglass-shaped, heat-treated cast invertible wearbars add to shank durability and subsurface soil fracturing
    • Heavy-duty, double-frame all-welded construction with 6"x6" rearbar and 38" underframe clearance provides ideal residue flow
    • Standard tool-free adjustable stabilizer wheels with stubble-resistant tires assure a consistent working depth
    • Front-mounted swivel coulters with 1,500 lbs. of downpressure easily cut through the heaviest residue and features heavy-duty 6-bolt hubs with recessed endcaps and ride on a lip for increased durability
    • Models available with 2-16 shanks with a powder-coat finish in choice of red or green


    • Strip-Builder attachment for added tillage and leveling
      • Width, angle and depth adjustable to create a mound of tilled soil for faster warmup
      • Coulter blades ride on heavy-duty 6-bolt hub with recessed endcaps for greater longevity and are available in wavy, concave notched or concave smooth blades
      • Optional 15" Rolling Harrow® basket with serrated blades helps break up clods and levels for a receptive seedbed - available with straight or concave blades
      • Strip Builders can also be equipped with 17" wide, four section zone-firming press wheels
      • Zone-Firmer press wheels feature easily adjusted downpressure from 0-360 pound to create a more level soil surface. A zone firmer with leading angled press wheels followed by four section press wheels is also available
    • Full-width Rolling Harrow soil conditioner for 3-9 shank models helps to chop and distribute residue
    • Full-width 13" Spiked Drum leveler for models 112 and 132 are available to fit 4-8 shank models features 3" spiraled drive lugs for added leveling and residue incorporation
    • Double toolbar mounted coulter attachment provides added residue sizing and incorporation in between the shanks for cutting every 10" across the front of the machine. Available for 3 through 9 shank models
    • For pull-type operation, choose from the model 300 or 500 3-pt. implement caddy, or a pull-type conversion kit for larger units. The model 300 fits up to 6-shank machines and the model 500 fits up to 9-shank machines, and pull-type conversion packages fit up to 16-shank models.
    • Shank Customizers
      • Shatter wings can be mounted at either of two locations for increased soil and hardpan fracturing. Wing slope can be set from 0 degrees to 14 degrees
      • 1/4-inch thick, bolt-on shank protectors for use in abrasive soils
      • Fertilizer injectors for NH3 and liquid fertilizer easily attach to rear of shank and include shank protection
      • Dry fertilizer tube attachments also feature shank protectors and are left or right hand mounted
    • Rear-Mounted hitch provides ability to tow fertilizer tanks and for easier fertilizer placement
    • Row markers feature notched blades that leave a highly visible mark to maintain accurate row spacing
    • Lighting package for safer road transport comes complete with lights and reflective striping to meet current standards
    • Shank stagger kit for increasing residue flow and reducing horsepower requirements


    Model Size H.P. Required Approximate Weight (lbs.) Transport Width
    Model 132 Auto-Reset Model 122 Spring-Cushioned Reset Model 112 Shear-Bolt Protected Stabilizer Wheels Outboard Stabilizer Wheels Inboard

    Note: For rigid models with vertical row markers, add 1' 7" to  transport width with stabilizer wheels outboard. Transport width of 8-shank is 21'4" when equipped with bi-fold markers.

    * Stabilizer wheels can be mounted on the ends of the mainframe (outboard) or onto the rear mainframe between the shanks (inboard).

    Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

    2-shank 60-100 1610 2088 1440 - 8' 2"
    3-shank 90-150 2403 2826 2167 - 8' 2"
    4-shank* 120-200 2896 3460 2568 11' 4" 8' 4 "
    5-shank* 150-250 3393 4098 2983 13' 10" 10' 11"
    6-shank* 180-300 4001 4847 3509 16' 6" 13' 6 "
    7-shank* 210-350 4553 5540 3978 19' 16'
    7-shank folding 210-350 5353 6340 4778 16' 5" -
    8-shank* 240-400 5161 6289 4505 21' 6"' 18' 6"
    8-shank folding 240-400 5960 7088 5260 16' -
    9-shank folding 270-450 6530 7799 5780 16' 5" -
    10-shank folding 300-500 7150 8560 6300 16' -
    12-shank folding 360-600 8490 10,182 7440 16' -
    16-shank folding 480-800 11,730 - 10,680 19' 8" -