Maximus® Disk Unverferth Seedbed Tillage

The word maximus is Latin for "the greatest", and that's why it was chosen for this unique disk. For maximum disk tillage in a variety of applications, including between orchard and vineyard rows, look to the Unverferth Maximus™ disk.


    • Both front and rear gangs feature tool free, gang-positioning adjustability from the traditional X-shape to a diamond-shape to match the desired level of tillage aggressiveness and width
    • Aggressively tills and penetrates soil between rows up to six inches deep for effective, efficient weed control and soil leveling
    • Heavy-Duty 3" x 3" and 2" x 6" welded steel frame provides durability and consistent, uniform penetration
    • Blades feature 9" spacings and are mounted on a 1 3/4" round shaft for maximum durability
    • Triple-lipped greaseable bearings with 10,800 lbs. of dynamic-load rating provide long life
    • Disk blades are available in smooth or notched front/rear combinations to match your needs
    • Tool-free adjustable working width in 2-inch increments
    • Choose from 6' or 7' base with several options to provide the width and tillage agressiveness for your operation
    • Powder-coat finish of implement red to resist corrosion


    • Furrowing shovel can be positioned between the front gangs or the middle of the disk, and it's depth-adjustable with a simple pin setting
    • Aggressive Rolling Harrow® basket with angled, high-carbon-steel scalloped blades, finishes off weeds by knocking soil from roots and leaving them on the surface to wilt and die
    • Blade scraper kit eliminates buildup, even in wet, sticky soil
    • Width-Adjustable side shields protect fragile fruit trees and grape vines
    • Bolt-On blade extensions expand working width by 1'5"


    Frame Working Width Gang Blade Number Approx. Weight(lbs.)
    6' 5'3" - 6'2" Add-a-Blade Capable 8-Front 8-Rear 1805
    7' 5'3" - 7'2" Add-a-Blade Capable 8-Front 8-Rear 1805
    7' 5'3" - 7'2" Fixed 8-Front 10-Rear 2100
    7' 6'8" - 8'7" Fixed 10-Front 10-Rear 2400
    Common Specifications

    Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

    Horsepower required 5 h.p. to 9 h.p. per foot
    Blade specifications 24" x 1/4"
    Cutting-angle adjustability 11 positions
    +29° to -29°
    Working depth up to 6"
    Hitch types category I, II, & II quick hitch, category IIIN & IIIN quick hitch